“Shut up,” said one netizen to another, “Don’t you want a Filipino to win the Nobel Peace Prize?”

That Filipino, of course, is President Aquino. And in the past few days, rumors have circulated that Malacañang is lobbying for him to receive the award for his role in the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro.

The Palace was quick to deny the rumors, but not without a parting word from Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda: “It would be an honor for the Philippines if we’ll have President Aquino nominated. It is, in the eyes of the international community, a big milestone for the promotion and propagation of peace.”

It was a kind of statement that fuels the type of mentality that we often see among ourselves. Never mind the fact that the law on the creation of the Bangsamoro has yet to be approved by the Congress. Never mind the fact that lasting peace in Mindanao has yet to be achieved.

What is important is that the country, a Filipino, is recognized by the international community. It would be an honor, they say. An empty one, I say.

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