Activity 10


According to Ongkiko & Flor (2003), in the book Introduction to Development Communication, several disciplines have provided numerous arguments that support the ascendancy of development communication. These arguments are as follows:


In the field of economics, several theories have stated that the “predominant world economies have become information-based.” Such a claim justifies the need for development communication as it shows the importance of communication and information in driving the world’s economies and, in turn, societies.


Taking off from the concept of hierarchy of needs created by psychologist Abraham Maslow, it can be argued that there is a need for a development communication approach as it would satisfy the higher need of a person to provide service to others. Maslow said self-actualization can only be achieved upon the fulfilment of such higher needs.

Quantum Physics

Interestingly, quantum physics also has an argument that supports the need for the development communication approach. In this particular field, the universe is believed to be made up of interconnected web of relations. Interconnectedness and relationships, of course, imply the idea of communication. If it is important in the sub-atomic level, what more in the societal level?


From the perspective of evolution, in the field of biology, a research stated that some species evolve not due to natural selection, “but by an increase in the efficiency of communication.” This is an interesting claim, as it shows the role that communication plays even in the long-term development of living things.


Cybernetics is a branch of general systems theory that deals with the science of communication among organisms. The idea coming from this discipline can be applied in a societal level, as communication can be considered as necessary for societal maintenance and survival.


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