Activity 11


As a practicing print journalist, of course I would like to specialize in development journalism. This is where, I believe, I would be able to utilize the skills that I have in contributing to the field of development communication.

Not much has been said about development journalism in the book Introduction to Development Communication by Ongkiko & Flor (2003). But from what I have gathered, I found the idea of “participatory reporting” as something that I would like to delve into. Moreover, I am interested in writing articles about the different underdevelopment problems and the possible solutions that may be implemented in order to solve it.

However, I understand that I will face numerous problems should I decide to focus more on development journalism. As a reporter covering a regular beat, I often find myself swamped with assignments – leaving me with little time to write about in depth analysis that I consider more as something that is in the realm of development journalism.

Likewise, as I have repeatedly stated in the discussion forums, there is the issue of “bias” that I have to contend with. While I am comfortable with the idea of being biased in favor of something (such as solving underdevelopment problems), the mainstream media in the Philippines – as well as the public – have always valued the concept of “unbiased” reporting.

Nevertheless, I feel that it is my responsibility, along with the younger generation of journalists, to transform the current media environment from being too sensational to a somewhat more developmental.

This article, published in, takes a closer look at development journalism in the global setting.


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