Activity 5


A message is being sent. This is, I feel, the common denominator between the 14 items included in the list. Interestingly, it had an extensive coverage of the different types of communication — even including one between animals.

Indeed, the process of communication is never limited to face-to-face conversations between two people. There are other factors to consider, for instance the use of media, images and symbols that can deliver the message to the receiver/s. I would also like to highlight several examples on the list that gave particular attention to non-verbal communication, for instance the use of “scowl” to send a message in Item 4.



There a number of ways to define communication. I define it as a dynamic process that involves the sharing of meaning from an individual to one’s self, or to another.

This definition, while very simple, is highly reminiscent of the one that I had to memorize back when I was a freshman in college for my Introduction to Speech Communication class. Wood (1964, cited in Bulan & De Leon, 2003) said that communication is a “dynamic, systemic or contextual, irreversible and proactive process in which communicators construct personal meanings through their symbolic interactions.”

Meanwhile, Black and Bryant (1992, cited in Ongkiko & Flor, 2003), provided five points in defining communication: 1) the process of sharing meaning; 2) the process of transmitting stimuli to modify the behavior of another; 3) the passing of information from one to another; 3) including all process of influencing another individual; and 5) the communication of message through channel from a sender to receiver, with an effect.

All of the above, I believe, are valid definitions of communication. Woods’s appears to be more general, while Black and Bryant’s provide a more detailed definition of the different elements that constitute the process of communication. My personal definition, of course, is somewhat influenced by the different definitions that I have encountered over the years, coupled with my personal experiences as a media practitioner.



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