Activity 8


As stated in the instructions, here are the five concepts discussed in Chapter 8 of the book, Introduction to Development Communication by Ongkiko & Flor (2003), that have piqued my interest.

For the corresponding online articles, I have selected articles that are related to my specific field of interest — the Internet.

  1. The Net and its Downside (control over Internet content and the digital divide)
    Psychological Effects of the Internet – Disadvantages
    Digital Divide in the Philippines
    Survey on Internet Access and Use by Filipino Schoolchildren

  2. Social Mobilization
    Fan activism for social mobilization: A critical review of literature
    The Role of Social Media in Political Mobilization

  3. The Dependency Model
    Internet Addiction: Too Much Time Online?
    Mobile Media Dependency: Private Consumption in Public Spaces

  4. Non-Verbal Communication
    A Study of Non-verbal Expressions in a Computer-Mediated Communication context
    The Immersive Hand: Non-Verbal Communication in Virtual Environments

  5. Mass vs. Interpersonal Communication
    Social Media and Interpersonal Communication
    Technology Destroys Interpersonal Communication
    Social Interactions Across Media

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